23-26 March 2020
Porto, Portugal
Europe/Lisbon timezone


Bringing your authentic self to work

25 Mar 2020, 14:30



Bringing your authentic self to work

  • Marjolein Oorsprong (PRACE aisbl)
  • Philippe Segers (GENCI)


This session is meant to raise awareness and exchange experiences and opinions. Instead of trying to come up with superficial or cosmetic solutions, the idea is to make people think and discuss. Diversity is about ideas, not about demographic characteristics. Inclusivity is about respect and openness. In addition to focusing on diversity, organisations need to create inclusive environments for employees to feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. For instance, by using strategic using language that says “welcome, you belong here”. Not “enter at your risk” or “those who enter here, abandon all authenticity”.

Has your organisation embraced diversity (also known as a colour-blind ideology) or strongly embraced differences (also known as a multicultural ideology)? Is it enough to be respectful and open, or does a safe working environment, where everyone can be their authentic self (at feel “at home”), need more than that?

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