23-26 March 2020
Porto, Portugal
Europe/Lisbon timezone


EXDCI-2 Workshop on emerging technologies

24 Mar 2020, 14:30



EXDCI-2 Workshop on emerging technologies

  • Jean-François Lavignon (Technology Strategy)
  • Marc Duranton (CEA)


Today HPC system architecture is dominated by standard CPU+GPU solution. This architecture has been effective to propose the performance increase requested by HPC users while challenging them to exploit the massive parallelism and heterogeneity offered by this solution. We foresee little changes in the 2020-2023 time frame with the first exascale systems based on this approach. After to sustain the growth of number of operations per watt, new solutions will have to be found as the Moore’s law will be fading and Denard’s scaling gone.

Progresses can be made in three axis:

  • New architectures
  • New data representation schemes
  • New technologies (compared to CMOS)

Most of the new approaches is a combination of the three (or at least of two of them). The workshop will introduce the potential technologies paths and then focus on three technologies that could be integrated in HPC systems in the coming years. A discussion with the audience will conclude the workshop.

  • Introduction potential technologies paths for future HPC systems
  • (TBC)
  • Photonics technologies for HPC systems (Tolga Tekin Fraunhofer)
  • Integration dimension (Denis Dutoit CEA/Leti)
  • Discussion

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