3-4 February 2020
CET timezone

Scope of the course

The Python programming language has become more and more popular among researchers for its simplicity and the availability of specific programming libraries, and at the same time the correct exploitation of heterogeneous architectures presents challenges for the development of parallel applications. In order to bring these two topics together, this course is focused on the use of Python on CPU and GPU platforms for scientific computing in general.


General description

The basic concepts of good programming practices in Python and general parallel programming will be introduced, and then GPU computing will be explained combining the essential theory concepts with hands-on sessions. The proposed exercises will be tested in the supercomputing facilities provided by SURFsara using Python with different programming libraries:



If the course gets fully booked, no more registrations are accepted through this website. However, you can be included in the waiting list: for that, please send an email to training@surfsara.nl and you'll be informed when a place becomes available.

Science Park 140, 1098 XG Amsterdam

Please bring your own laptop with an ssh client for the hands-on sessions!

The information about the internet connection and the accounts on the supercomputer will be given in due time.

The main requirements to follow the course are some familiarity with

  • bash commands
  • Python programming language.

To travel with public transport in the Netherlands, it is very convenient if you have an anonymous OV-chipkaart. Please find the detailed information at https://www.ov-chipkaart.nl/purchase-an-ov-chipkaart/anonymous-ov-chipkaart.htm.

Information on how to reach SURFsara (SURF Amsterdam) can be found at https://www.surf.nl/en/about-surf/contact-surf.

There is an open survey.