1 July 2020 to 31 August 2020
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Site - project - participants
CC SAS - High-performance machine learning - Muhammad Omer, Adam Czyżewski
CC SAS - Neural networks in quantum chemistry - Neli Sedej, George Kastikas
CINECA - Visualization of supernova explosions in a magnetised inhomogeneous ambient environment - Seán McEntee, Cathal Maguire
CINECA - Anomaly detection of system failures on HPC accelerated machines using Machine Learning Techniques - Aisling Paterson, Stefan Popov, Nathan Byford
EPCC - Charm++ Fault Tolerance with Persistent Memory - Roberto Rocco, Petar Đekanović
EPCC - Porting and benchmarking on a fully ARM-based cluster - Jerónimo Sánchez García, Irem Kaya
EPCC- Performance of Parallel Python Programs on New HPC Architectures - Alexander Julian Pfleger, Antonios-Kyrillos Chatzimichail
ICHEC- GPU acceleration of Breadth First Search algorithm in applications of Social Networks - Busenur Aktilav, Berker Demirel
IT4I - Object Detection Using Deep Neural Networks – AI from HPC to the Edge - Andres Vicente Arevalo,
IT4I 2010 - Development of visualization tool for data from molecular simulations - Marco Mattia, Denizhan Tutar
JSC - High Performance Quantum Fields - Aitor López, Anssi Tapani Manninen
JSC - Got your ducks in a row? GPU performance will show, Josip Bobinac, Igor Abramov
ICHEC - Quantum Genome Pattern Matching using Rigetti’s Forest API - Benedict Braunsfeld, Sara Duarri Redondo
MdIS - Matrix exponentiation on GPU for the deMon2k code - Pablo Antonio Martínez Sánchez, Theresa Vock
HARTREE-STFC - Machine Learning for the rescheduling of SLURM jobs - Francesca Schiavello, Ömer Faruk Karadaş
HARTREE-STFC - Scaling the Dissipative Particle Dynamic (DPD) code, DL_MESO, on large multi-GPGPUs architectures - Davide Crisante, Nursima Çelik,
SurfSARA - Benchmarking and performance analysis of HPC applications on modern architectures using automating frameworks - Elman Hamdi, Jesús Molina Rodríguez de Vera
SurfSARA - Time series monitoring of HPC job queues - Cathal Corbett, Joemah Magenya
UL - Implementing task based parallelism for plasma kinetic code - Paddy Cahalane, Shyam Mohan Subbiah Pillai
UL - Implementation of Paralllel Branch and Bound algorithm for combinatorial optimization - İrem Naz Çoçan, Carlos Alejandro Munar Raimundo
ULux - Submarine Computational Fluid Dynamics - Shiva Dinesh Chamarthy, Matthew William Asker
ULux - Novel HPC Parallel Programming Models for Computing (both in CPU and GPU) - Rafał Felczyński, Ömer Bora Zeybek
VSC - Improved performance with hybrid programming - Clément Richefort, Kevin Mato, Sanath Keshav, Frederico Sossai
VSC - Marching Tetrahedrons on the GPU - Jake Love, Federico Julian Camerota Verdù