It will  shown a course targeted to improve the overall performance of a code in Solid Earth, currently in use at the CHEESE Center of Excellence H2020 project. First, parallel performance profiling tools will be provided on the initial version of the code to find the so-called performance bottlenecks. Starting from the profiling analysis, it will show how and where to intervene with respect to the hardware characterization of the HPC machine used for the investigation. We will show also how debug tools will be useful in the development / optimization phase to eliminate any possible bugs introduced in the writing (or redesign) of new parts of the code. Finally, it will be shown how to improve the overall performance of the code with respect to other popular parameters such as I / O, vectorization, etc.

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • use a concrete methodology to improve the performance of a code in Solid Earth already in use in the context of ChEESE project
  • find and solve all the main bottlenecks of an application with respect to appropriate computational metrics and the machine used
  • use appropriate debugging tools to eliminate any bugs that may arise during the development / optimization phase

Target audience: 
Researchers in Solid Earth interested to learn and use all those techniques and related tools that may allow them
to improve the performance of their code on current HPC architectures in the shortest possible time.


  • Basic knowledge of LINUX/UNIX.
  • Knowledge of C, FORTRAN, MPI or OpenMP is recommended. Notions of Parallel computing techniques and algorithms for Solid Earth applications

The lunch for the three days will be offered to all the participants and some grants are available. The only requirement to be eligible is to be not funded by your institution to attend the course and to work or live in an institute outside the Roma area. The grant  will be 300 euros for students working and living outside Italy and 150 euros for students working and living in Italy (outside Roma). Some documentation will be required and the grant will be paid only after a certified presence of minimum 80% of the lectures.

Further information about how to request the grant, will be provided at the confirmation of the course: about 3 weeks before the starting date.

Coordinating Teacher: Dr. P. Lanucara




Registration for this event is currently open.