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[ONLINE] Advanced topics in scientific visualization with Blender: geometry, scripts, animation, action!



This is a follow-up course to the basics course "Data, lights, camera, action! Scientific visualization done beautifully using Blender". It is aimed at researchers that are already familiar with working in Blender, but want to dive deeper into the possibilities. The following subjects, in relation to scientific visualization with Blender, are treated in the course:

- Mesh editing
- Python scripting in Blender
- Advanced import of data
- Animation
- Node-based materials and shading

This is a full-day course with hands-on assignments. The goal is to learn further practical skills in using Blender for scientific visualization.

We like to encourage participants to bring along the data they normally work with, or a sample thereof, and would like to apply the course knowledge to.

Note that there will another edition of the Basics course later in 2020.


Science Park 140, 1098 XG Amsterdam


* Experience with the Blender UI and workflow
   - Creating and editing a 3D scene
   - Rendering, materials and lighting
* Experience with data manipulation in Python 3.x is recommended
* You need to bring your own laptop
   - With the possibility to install and run Blender 2.8x
   - Preferably a laptop with a decent GPU


To travel with public transport in the Netherlands, it is very convenient if you have an anonymous OV-chipkaart. Please find the detailed information at

Information on how to reach SURFsara (SURF Amsterdam) can be found at