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19 Dec 2018

2.0 upgrade: maintenance on 4th of Jan, 2019 from 12:00 until 0:00

Dear All,

As the migration bug had been fixed by the developers, we are ready to upgrade Indico. We'll do our best to cause as little downtime within this window as possible.

Thank you for your patience.



3 Sep 2018

Upgrade was reverted due to migration problems

We'll notify you about planning of migration after fixing migration issue with indico development team.

30 Aug 2018

2.0 upgrade: maintenance at 31st of Aug from 21:00 until 0:00

Dear Users,

Due to major upgrade to 2.x, website will be in maintenance mode on Friday night 31st of August from 21:00 to approx. 0:00. Site will be unreachable throughout the maintenance.

Video guides on using new system is available at CERN indico guide website.

13 Sep 2017

How to use new PRACE material template

PRACE Material Template - Know How

1.   What is PRACE Material Template?

PRACE Material Template is a brand new stylesheet for the Prace Events portal. The look is clean and simple, follows today’s trend.

a.     Differences from built in templates

The main difference from the built in templates is that the PRACE Material Template utilizes full responsive layout across different screen sizes and devices.

b.    Features, improvements

  • Users can access menu items from a popup window on small screen devices such as mobile phones.

  • Replaceable banner makes the site more customizeable for the event.
  • Cross device and cross browser compatibility (Supported: Windows, IOS, OSX, Android – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Not Supported: Internet Explorer)
  • Full responsive layout: the template scales from smallest phones to full hd desktops.
  • Responsive fixes for event timetable: the template has built in support for timetable size adaptation display. From now on timetable blocks will never run out the screen, and they are layed out as they should!

2.   User’s guide

a.     How to activate it

In your event’s management area, choose Layout in the left sidebar from the Advanced options section. This brings up the Layout customization screen. To activate the template, scroll down to the Stylesheets section and click on „Click here” in order to select one of the default stylesheets, next to Apply stylesheet section. The next screen is the template preview page, you can select predefined templates from the dropdown menu next to „Select to switch templates”. Select prace_material_template. It immediately switches the preview, but in order apply the setting, click on the „Take template in use” button. That is all that you need to do in order to activate the template.

b.    Chosing different banner image

If you are familiar with the indico’s managemnet area you might noticed already that under Layout customization, there is a new section, called Conference header image. This is a counterpart feature for the template. You can switch the good old PRACE banner to a more specific image that suits your event better. You can see a nightime city scene about Barcelone in the example pictures throughout this documentation.

To upload a new image, you just need to choose a file by clicking ont he corresponding button, and then clicking ont he Upload header image. The recomended image resolution is 1920x487. The image size will be resized for display on the target browser. Since the menu texts are bright colored, it is recomended to use dimmed or even blurred images, not exposing really bright or vibrant colors, otherwise it would spoil the readability of the menu structure. Choosing the right brightness value is a case of a few trial and errors. You can remove the unsuccessfull image by clicking the remove button, and just start uploading the corrected image as described above.

c.     Set up event logo

You can find the Conference logo section at the bottom of the Layout customization page. You can upload an event logo, which will be placed on the left side of the banner image. The upload process is the same as it was for the banner image.

15 Jan 2015

PRACE Events service upgraded to Indico v1.2

25 Dec 2013

PRACE Events service upgraded to Indico v1.1.2

2 Dec 2013

Account creation is limited to the PRACE staff. If you are having trouble with registering to an event, please send and email to

11 Dec 2012

PRACE Events service upgraded to Indico v0.99

19 Apr 2012

PRACE INDICO Agenda System is ready for testing

In order to create the account, click on the "Login" button (top right) and follow the instructions.

Detailed user guide can be found at:

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